Sojo Tech. Motor is headquartered in Heshan City, Jiangmen, Guangdong province. The company was founded in 2015 by two senior electrical engineers.

The company mainly researches and develops the characteristics and structure of brushless DC motors, gear motors, fans, and water pumps. Products are widely used in series of industrial and civil energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, such as the second-class medical license vest type expectoration machine, biological pellet heater, ventilator, garbage dryer, fruit and vegetable purifier, chemical analysis instrument, household heater, electronic firework machine and so on.

The company relies on superb technology, advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, as well as modern management and technical personnel and excellent staff to develop into a customer-trusted enterprise.  

Sojo Tech’s current products are mainly sold in the UK, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and China.

The development philosophy of Sojo Tech. Company: "Professionalism is the foundation! Service is the guarantee! Quality is the prestige!"